Bizdev/sales online follow up


The trick to closing a deal is to keep a clear process and make sure you follow up and contact people when they have interest in your service/product.

There are some cool apps and tricks to help you do this in a quicker and easier way.

Yesware - email tracking

Track all your emails, and know when people read and re-read them. This way you don’t have to sit around waiting to see if “they got the email”, or if “they’ve been thinking about it”, etc. Know when somebody saw your

Insightly - email CRM

Keep track of any process in an easy way. CRM that is too complex or time consuming doesn’t work, but when it’s right there in your inbox, there’s no excuse to be organized. This is especially important when working on team negotiations - you don’t want your partner quoting different prices than you.

Skype - for quick calls anywhere

When possible, call. As a civilization have become so to-the-point and email-obsessed, that we have lost track of human relationships and the interpersonal aspect of businesses. Speaking to somebody will give you several times the amount of information, which will ultimately help you towards any kind of agreement. I could write several blog posts on the advantages of speaking to somebody over texting or emailing, but to sum it up, when you talk to someone, you gain access to a large part of communication that will give you insights into needs, and you will understand emotions towards products and services.

The 360º

Send and track an email, and as soon as you see the recipient open it follow up with a quick Skype call to see how she feels about it, and what some possible follow-up steps could be. The recipient will feel that this is serendipitous, and communication will be 10x faster.

And, above all, make sure that whatever you are selling is valuable.

Oct. 20, 2013