Thoughts on Startup Weekend


Startup Weekend is really cool. In my opinion, it is the biggest tech-community generating event, and it catalyzes innovation within the internet industry. No real startups or big businesses will actually ver come out of it, but an amazing network of people has been built around it, and one day the world will realize the importance of the massive amount of valuable education that has been spread throughout thanks to it.

What do I think is crucial for a participant/team at a Startup Weekend? To actually build something that works! an actual prototype which people can try out and play with! nothing, absolutely nothing, is more convincing than a real product, with real users, and real traction.

I’ve probably been to some 20+ Startup Weekend events around the world, but never as a participant. Only as a sponsor, organizer, judge or observer, but next time, I’m definitely participating. If you’ve never heard about it or been to one, I would recommend you check out their site and head over to the next SW near you.

June 9, 2013